Welcome To HHHRF:

HIHT invites all HR Professionals, Freelancers, Consultants and Students involved in the application, execution and empowerment of Human Resource Management. We Heritage Institute of Hotel & tourism request the pleasure of your kind presence at this interactive forum designed to provide you with vital updates & strategies that are required by you to keep your organization in compliance with multiple laws and preparing to meet the emerging HR challenges. Association with “HHHRF” will give you access to wealth of services and programs that can enhance the skills you possess and make you more valuable to your company.HHHRF is a professional body that maintains standards and work on ethics in the benefit of HR professionals from various industries and verticals enabling them to network, interact, share, discuss and debate on issues, exclusive practices and concerns regarding Human Resource Management.  It would facilitate the organizations to meet a pool of skilled manpower for their requirements of expertise. HHHRF will also give provision of meeting Recruiters to talented and seeking professionals.

HHHRF is not designed as a substitute for any professional body in fact; our constitution has been drawn up to make sure it is complementary and is enclosed for your perusal. However, HHHRF would serve as an assemblage wherein “skilled manpower Demand would meet accurate supply of expertise”.

Membership of HHHRF is a badge of confidence for all HR professionals and people who have bonafide interest in HRM, representing high quality standards. We only accept experienced and reputable practitioners as our members.

You will be benefited from the following as soon as you accept and become the member of HHHRF:

  1. Job Fairs enabling your organization to meet your requirements for skilled manpower and availing you with a pool of talented professionals.
  2. Assembling together expertise from varied public sector undertakings to share valuable ideas and learn from each other’s style of work.
  3. Providing you with accessibility to a wide range of free events related to attracting and retaining talent.
  4. Providing you access to a library of resources to aid you in your role.
  5. Annual HR Best Practices Award ceremony.
  6. Year round professional development activities including seminars, conferences and workshops.
  7. Quarterly meetings with timely and relevant HR programs.
  8. Monthly newsletter with latest updates.
  9. Website with “Members Only” section, HR Forum, Calendar of Events, Links to relevant HR resources, membership directory and more.
  10. Access to a sector news cuttings service
  11. Subscription to our quarterly newsletter
  12. Networking opportunities with fellow professionals
  13. A voice in the future of HHHRF.


Please send your acceptance at the earliest & make us enable to do the necessary arrangements. The Topic of the day will be “Problems faced by HR Dept.regarding recruitment of a right staff for a right position”


Manish Kumar Rishi 
Secretary, HHHRF                                                                                       
General Manager-HR
Universal Enterprises Pvt Ltd.                                                                       
Republic of Maldives